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What We Do

Studengage Learning produces quality Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tools for regular social emotional check-ins that help to increase student engagement in the classroom, promote self-regulation, and create optimum conditions for students to learn.

Our unique response system, available in English or French, is a delightful twist on the evidence based 4 Corners teaching strategy. Students can utilize colourful visuals to help them meaningfully engage in all subject areas throughout the day!

Trust the Science!
There is strong scientific evidence that supports the connection between movement and learning as well as wellbeing.  Imaging sources, anatomical studies and clinical data shows that cognitive processing is enhanced through movement and exercise. Use Studengage Learning to support learning through movement.

“Our mission is to promote student wellbeing through a safe, easy to implement social emotional learning teaching strategy.”

Our Individual Response System

Our Group Response System

The Studengage Learning System

To support mental health and wellness of your students, use the Wellness Check-In system frequently throughout the day. Ask your students: “How is everyone feeling?” Students move to the corner of their desk that represents their current mood.


Pair your social emotional check-in with a movement or breathing strategy to enhance student wellbeing. This is a powerful tool that builds capacity in the area of self-management, self-awareness and social awareness skills.


This can also be used to build empathy as well as support conflict resolution. Students can predict how a peer might feel for instance, after a soccer conflict by moving to the corner that identifies the emotion.

While students are out of their desk responding to a question, why not have them engage in a high intensity movement such as jumping jacks or a low intensity movement such as shoulder rolls to promote self-regulation?


On each identifier, there is a high intensity aerobic movement, located on the bottom of the identifier designed to increase the student’s heart rate. There is also a low intensity aerobic movement, located on the top of the identifier.


You can even ask the students to engage in FLOW- See below:

  1. High intensity movement
  2. Low intensity movement
  3. Breathing strategy.

To increase the complexity of the questions that are asked and access higher level thinking, students can be asked to use the Star System to evaluate their understanding of concepts, events, or ideas and much more. 


“I give it 4 out of 4 stars!”


Pair the rating with a movement or breathing strategies for enhanced cognitive processing.

Several studies have proven that deep breathing activates the Vagus Nerve which stimulates the body’s relaxation response. Each identifier used in this learning system has incorporated one of the following deep breathing exercises.

Five Finger Breathing: Breathe in through your nose and trace up your finger slowly.
Breathe out through your mouth and slide your finger down the other side, Repeat for each finger.

Whole Body Breathing:
As you breathe in through your nose, your arms go high up above your head. As you exhale your arms descend slowly below your waist.

Shoulder Breathing:
As you breathe in through your nose, your shoulders go up toward your ears. Hold.
As you exhale, your shoulders drop.

Box Breathing:
Trace your fingers along the side of the identifier as you breathe in through your nose.
Hold your breath as you trace the next side of the box.
Exhale as you trace the third side of the box.
Hold your breath as you trace the fourth side of the box.

Our Products

What is behind our student’s masks? Is it a smile or a disappointed frown? The challenges of recognizing our student’s emotions are experienced by everyone. Using the Studengage System several times daily gives teachers immediate information on how their students are doing emotionally. We offer a powerful Social Emotional Check-in and engagement tool for all students that is safe and easy to implement. It takes seconds to set up, and saves hours of planning! 

“When using the Response System, I love challenging my students to come up with questions for their fellow classmates to answer.  It is a great way to review or introduce new content.  I can also quickly identify those students who are struggling and need support”.  

** Ensure you consult and follow all local and federal jurisdictional guidelines while using this product**


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