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Studengage Individual Response System, available in English or French, includes labels or ‘identifiers’ for 28 students.  In total it comes with 112 – 3” X 3” self-adhesive labels.  Each student’s desk top is outfitted with four self-adhesive labels – one for each desk corner.

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This is ideal for classrooms with limited space. Meaningfully engage your students in their learning by incorporating movement and small group discussion using Studengage Individual Response System.  It is a delightful twist on the Four Corners teaching strategy where students safely respond to questions and statements using the corners of their desk top.

Each student has four 3”X3” commercial grade vinyl self-adhesive labels on their desk.  Prompt students with a question or statement, and students move to the corner of their desk that represents their answer.


Four commercial grade vinyl self-adhesive identifiers can be used for:

  • Regular Social Emotional Check Ins
  • High intensity movement prompts
  • Low intensity movement prompts
  • Breathing strategies
  • Star rating for students to give evaluative feedback
  • Number system to tailor responses to specific curricular content
  • Math operation responses
  • Practice speaking and listening skills during small group discussion

Make movement part of your lessons for effective cognitive processing of what is being taught.


Physically distanced engagement.  With the Studengage Learning system, students have a visual marker on their desk or floor to respond to different Social Emotional Learning prompts and academic prompts provided by the teacher.

There are four different coloured sets embedded in the Studengage response system to ensure physical distancing is maintained when students participate. The colours are: blue, green, grey, and orange.

Teachers simply ensure that when they are placing the stickers on the students’ desks, they alternate colours. For example: first desk is outfitted with a blue set of Studengage Identifiers, second desk has an orange set of Studengage Identifiers, third desk has a grey set of Studengage Identifiers and the next desk has a set of green identifiers.

While you are placing the sets of Studengage Identifiers, it is important to visually scan the classroom to ensure there are no clusters of colours.

To engage the students a you might say “Green Group, please tell me how you rate the characters reaction to the mom’s surprise”. Depending on the class size and class make up, teachers can prompt one group or 2 groups to respond to a question.

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